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ALDS New Zealand Ltd., a NZ-owned business, is your on-line supplier of products for the deaf, hard of hearing, and speech impaired. Our focus is in Amplified Listening Products, Alerting Systems, Special Needs Communication Systems, and Voice Amplifiers.

We maintain a comprehensive inventory of Amplified Telephones, Alerting Systems, TV Listening Systems, Personal Amplifiers (Pocketalkers), PSAP’s, FM Listening Systems, Loop Systems, Vibrating Alarm Clocks, Vibrating Watches, Tinnitus Sound Conditioners, and Hearing Aid Conditioners.

Plus, we have a wide range of voice amplification systems such as: VoiceBuddy, MiniBuddy, TalkAbout and Tour Guide Systems.

Our commitment is to Excellence in Quality and Service. Our goal is to bring the enjoyment of Clear Sound back into your daily life.

Your on-line business is appreciated. Please feel free to contact us with your comments, suggestions and ideas.

Contact Trevor and Margaret
Contact Trevor and Margaret

Phone: +64 27 498 9985


Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand