Pocketalker Ultra Complete with Headset and single Ear Bud

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Pocketalker Ultra by Williams Sound:

Improve your hearing - improve your life with the new Pocketalker Ultra from Williams Sound! The Pocketalker Ultra amplifies sounds closest to the listener while reducing background noise.

The Pocketalker Ultra features a lightweight, ergonomic design for portability and ease of use. Finger tip adjustable volume control allows you to quickly adjust to your listening environment - whether your hearing loss is low frequency or high frequency sounds.

The listening accessories jack accommodates for a variet of earphone and headphone options. The Pocketalker Ultra can be used with optional neckloop (NKL001) to amplify a telecoil-equipped hearing aid.

The Pocketalker Ultra from ALDS New Zealand comes complete with the EAR 013 single ear bud and a HED 021 headset for your listening pleasure.

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