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SmartShaker Vibrating Bed Alarm

Bluetooth Tips and Terms

How to Install your QH2 Bluetooth Hub

Pairing Your QH2 Bluetooth Hub

Placing a phone call using your QH2 Bluetooth Hub

How to Customize Your CS10

Learn about the ClearSounds Quattro 4.0

About the Quattro 4.0 Bluetooth Neckloop Device

Quattro 4.0 Features

Learn More about Ditto

PerfectDry Lux


Pocketalker-University of the Pacific Study

30-second Introduction to BeHear

60-second Introduction to BeHear

Three Minute Introduction to BeHear

Informative Testimonial about BeHear

Training and Instruction Videos about BeHear

BeHear Playlist
BeHear PSAP “How To” Playlist

Smart Dryer Li ion Audinell

Charging and dehumidification of hearing aids, with UV-C

PerfectDry Lux Rechargeable & ZPower | Assembly

Fast dehumidification & charge of hearing aids, with UV-C

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